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Whenever obtaining a prescription from your physician, you should ask any questions that come to mind regarding your medication such as:

What is this medication for?
What benefits should I see as the result of taking this medication?
How do I take this medicine and for how long?
What side effects may result from taking this medication?
What should I do if I experience any of those side effects?
Is this medicine safe to take with other medications or supplements?

HawaiianMeds.com offers information for some of the most popular prescribed medicines today. Being well informed about these drugs and the potential benefits and side effects can help you decide whether or not these drugs are right for you.

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Canadian Viagra

What Viagra types available?

Though classical Canadian Viagra remains the most famous ED drug and one of the best-sellers on the pharmaceutical market, today there are a number of its analogues competing successfully with magic blue pills. All of them are based on sildenafil citrate which is the main active substance and intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of all ages. Nevertheless these drugs differ from each other either in form of administration or in other characteristics.

For example, Viagra Professional shows prolonged action which is almost twice longer than classical Viagra has. This means that after taking the drug you will have up to 8 hours during which you will be able to achieve powerful erection if there is sufficient sexual stimulation and strong desire.

Another version of the popular ED medicine is Viagra Super Active Plus. It is produced in the form of capsules which can be absorbed faster and thus provide the desired effect within a short time. The effect of this medicine may be observed just in 15-20 minutes after swallowing the capsule but still it is recommended to take Viagra Super Active 20-30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

Viagra Jelly is presented in the form of sachets filled with gel of different flavors though all the sachets contain 100mg of sildenafil citrate. This option of Viagra has several advantages at once. It is absorbed in the mouth cavity and thus starts acting faster than traditional pills. There is no need to wash the drug down with water and it is much more pleasant to savor tasty jelly than to swallow pills. Besides you can choose the most pleasant flavor from several variants or try all of them ordering a set of sachets with different tastes.

Viagra Soft Flavoured is another variant of tasty ED drug. It is made in the form of tablets and has all features similar to original Viagra like time of effect and its duration. But Viagra Soft Flavoured is presented in several tastes among which there are strawberry, pineapple, orange and black current. It is a really tasty version of classical medicine in the traditional form.

If you are seeking for more powerful effect and longer sexual satisfaction, there is a unique drug called Viagra & Priligy which combines two effective active substances – Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. While the first substance provides stable erection just when you are ready to have sexual intercourse, the second one allows sexual intercourse to last 3-4 times longer than usual. Dapoxetine increases male endurance in bed affecting the nervous system and thanks to this you will be able to really impress your partner with brilliant sexual performance, long and powerful.

You can hardly find such a choice of ED drugs and Viagra Sydney options in any traditional pharmacy while owing to online pharmacy you can try all of them in turn and then pick up the best for you or the most suitable for every particular case. Low prices are additional advantage that makes Viagra from Canada analogues more affordable for every man.

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