Prescription Medication Information

Online Consultations

Online consultations are one of the newer concepts utilized by internet pharmacies to facilitate the dispensing of prescription medication without a prior prescription.

Rather than receiving a traditional physical examination by a physician, the patient completes an online questionnaire and communicates with a physician using secure online communication tools.

Internet pharmacies claim online consultations provide a means for patients to receive treatment for a number of conditions that may not require a physical examination.

Obtaining a prescription as the result of filling out an online questionnaire can pose certain health risks. The information submitted by these online questionnaires may be insufficient for a physician to determine if the drug is safe for you to use or if another course of treatment may be more appropriate.

The American Medial Association considers the practice of dispensing prescription medication based on information obtained by a questionnaire as substandard medical care.

Consumer Information and Tips

The following consumer tips and information are courtesy of the USFDA:

Purchasing medication from an illegal website puts you at risk.
Taking inappropriate medication can create serious health risks.
Purchase prescription medication online only from a licensed pharmacy.
Avoid web sites that do not provide access to a registered pharmacist.
Do not purchase medication from foreign online pharmacies.

Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online - Tips and warnings for consumers from the USFDA.

Some Web Pharmacies Pose Safety Risks - Report from the General Accounting Office (GAO) regarding the practices of online pharmacies and the health risk they pose.

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