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Have less of a chance to have a relapse at a drug rehab center.

Ever wondered why the success rate of the Alcoholics Anonymous and conventional drug rehabilitation programs is so low?

Well, this question could be answered in several ways. First of all conventional alcohol rehab or drug rehab center would treat alcoholism and drug addiction as diseases. Therefore, patients may feel uncomfortable with the treatment, perceiving it as punishment for past choices.

In the second place, a conventional alcohol or drug rehab program doesn't work for the majority of people. Only a small minority of those subscribing to such a program return after a first meeting and an even smaller percent resists a full year.

A third thing would be that drinking and drugging are learned behaviors that can't be changed unless the appropriate technique for obsessive/compulsive behavioral problems is used.

Few establishments understand those differences and offer a complex social program that is a viable solution to permanent alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

A six week rehabilitation program has an overall success rate of more than 70%, which is more than any other program with similar purposes can guarantee. That means most of those who have undergone the addiction and recovery stages are able to start leading a normal life in only six weeks, not fearing another relapse.

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